Scenes from Morocco



It took me a few days to do this double page spread in my A4 Fabriano Sketchbook. It is very much a mixed media, with the initial drawing done using my TWSBI EF nib fountain pen with deatrimentas document ink, then Watercolour, Watercolour marker pens, other Marker pens, Pitt Artist Pens and Gel pens!
I have never been to Morocco, although my sister Adele Flood has, she is a brilliant artist, and she produced a most wonderful collection of paintings and drawings from her stay there – culminating in a successful Exhibition a couple of years ago! ❤️?
I did not originally intend to portray Morocco, but I was drawn to the colours and scenes and found some very nice photos on Pixabay which I used as reference photos for my sketchbook work. I love using sketchbooks and have seen so many great ones in groups online that always inspire me to try and do more! Thank you for looking ???✒️✏️

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