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The first page (Gordon of course) in a new Sketchbook

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I have a new Art Spectrum ‘Toned Sand Journal’ which I totally love! (I also got a grey one and a white one – the paper in them is so nice!). Adam (my son) and I both got one each of the 3 colours… Naturally – what has to be the sketch on the first page? GORDON! ?❤️?❤️?❤️ He was sitting next to me on the couch looking totally cute as usual lol and I draped a beaded necklace around his neck and he posed for a minute before deciding he wanted to play ??? I used Charcoal (both the black charcoal pencils and sticks) and white pastel sticks and a couple of derwent pastel drawing pencils…


Scenes from Morocco

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It took me a few days to do this double page spread in my A4 Fabriano Sketchbook. It is very much a mixed media, with the initial drawing done using my TWSBI EF nib fountain pen with deatrimentas document ink, then Watercolour, Watercolour marker pens, other Marker pens, Pitt Artist Pens and Gel pens!
I have never been to Morocco, although my sister Adele Flood has, she is a brilliant artist, and she produced a most wonderful collection of paintings and drawings from her stay there – culminating in a successful Exhibition a couple of years ago! ❤️?
I did not originally intend to portray Morocco, but I was drawn to the colours and scenes and found some very nice photos on Pixabay which I used as reference photos for my sketchbook work. I love using sketchbooks and have seen so many great ones in groups online that always inspire me to try and do more! Thank you for looking ???✒️✏️

Buddhist Sketches Ink and Watercolour

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this is a spread from my current Fabriano Art Journal and can be seen in the buddhism section as well as themSketchbook page –  on these pages, I share my love for Thay (Thich Nhat Hanh), for his engaged Buddhism, for Plum Village where I am always grateful for all the resources they so generously share… and where we try to participate with some of the online practices when we can…

‘The art was all done with a TWSBI fountain pen and deatrimentas black ink, with watercolour, also some of the Faber  Castell Artist Pitt Pens.

Robbie Sketchbook Entry

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The second double page of my lovely Fabriano Venezia Sketchbook, featuring gorgeous Robbie (the beautiful and very well loved cat belonging to my sister, Adele Flood)
He is such a cutie and a real character! I drew him in black ink with my TWSBI fountain pen, and coloured him with Faber Castell watercolours, and some Derwent Drawing pencils.

‘Since doing this, I have done a full colour portrait of Robbie, which I will upload soon…

First Sketch in my Fabriano Sketchbook

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Yesterday, I finished the opening page of my new sketchbook – A lovely Fabriano Venezia, and I used Ink and Watercolour. Gorgeous paper! And who better to star on the opening pages than our gorgeous Gordon? ❤️ (He is usually the first page of nearly every sketchbook I have – plus a good few internals lol) He is a well loved little boy who brings joy to so many! ❤️


A Fox called Basil

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A double page from my A5 Fabriano sketchbook/journal – my friend Lin who lives in the UK, has foxes come to visit her at her house. She feeds them and even gives them medication if they are unwell! They are such gorgeous little animals, and this little one, Basil, was a special one to her. I used one of her photos as a reference and drew him in ink and watercolour. He was such a sweetie, I am pleased with how he turned out ? I found many facts about foxes but just included a few to go with the illustration…


Another Adorable Donkey

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Still keeping with the ‘Donkeys’ theme, I fell in love with this little guy!  An adorable miniature donkey named ‘Donk’, he belongs to a real animal loving family ? and amongst other pets, they have a gorgeous clydesdale as well as a little miniature pony, beautiful enormous Mastiffs, plus a little Bulldog!

Once again with this sketch, I used my favourite Black DeAtrimentas ink with my TWISBI fountain pen and watercolours, which were from a Pentel Aquash Travel Set, in a Stillman and Byrne Epsilon journal, sized at A5.

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Cute Donkeys in Ink

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I love little donkeys, they are so cute! I did this using my TWISBI fountain pen with black DeAtramentis ink, and then coloured using Copic marker pens and a white gel pen. It is in my A4 size Stillman and Birn Zeta Series sketchbook…
It did take longer than my usual done in one sitting sort of sketch… I drew it roughly in pencil first, then did the black ink with the fountain pen, which took a couple of sittings, and then finally did the colouring (which also took a couple of sittings) … I usually only get a chance to do this sort of thing at night, and not for great amounts of time, so it does take a few attempts over a few days on a larger more involved one…



Rockingham Castaways Exhibition from my Sketchbook

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Rockingham Watercolour Sketch – Each year I love to do sketches and paintings from the Rockingham Castaways Exhibition… clever people making their sculptures from all recycled materials… this year was no exception for me, and I think this is the fourth painting I have done from the 2016 event.
I love Rockingham … I love our beautiful beaches and the sense of community spirit shown in events such as this… This sketch was done using ink and watercolour in my Stillman and Birn A5 size sketchbook.


Acrylic Sketch/Painting also from the Castaways Exhibition

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The third sketch from the Rockingham Castaways exhibition… (the first two i uploaded in the last post on here)  this time done in acrylic in my Zeta – Stillman and Birn A5 size sketchbook, using acrylic paint and some watercolour pencils for detail… this is such a brilliant exhibition … sculptures all along the beach, made from all recycled materials, I love it every year ?