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Maggie – A Very Cute Cat 😊

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This is Maggie 😊 Such a cutie! 😻 I sketched her using a Twisbi Eco Fountain Pen and black De Atrimentas ink and the Watercolour was from the Pentel Aquash Travel Set. A white gel pen was used for some highlights. The paper is really good to work with – Fabriano Artistico Watercolour paper, Hot Pressed – it is lovely and smooth in Traditional White (so it’s not that really bright white) and, even better, it states it is free of animal components! 😊


Another Adorable Donkey 😊

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Still keeping with the β€˜Donkeys’ theme, I fell in love with this little guy!Β  An adorable miniature donkey named β€˜Donk’, he belongs to a real animal loving family 😊 and amongst other pets, they have a gorgeous clydesdale as well as a little miniature pony, beautiful enormous Mastiffs, plus a little Bulldog!

Once again with this sketch, I used my favourite Black DeAtrimentas ink with my TWISBI fountain pen and watercolours, which were from a Pentel Aquash Travel Set, in a Stillman and Byrne Epsilon journal, sized at A5.

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