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Cute Donkeys in Ink

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I love little donkeys, they are so cute! I did this using my TWISBI fountain pen with black DeAtramentis ink, and then coloured using Copic marker pens and a white gel pen. It is in my A4 size Stillman and Birn Zeta Series sketchbook…
It did take longer than my usual done in one sitting sort of sketch… I drew it roughly in pencil first, then did the black ink with the fountain pen, which took a couple of sittings, and then finally did the colouring (which also took a couple of sittings) … I usually only get a chance to do this sort of thing at night, and not for great amounts of time, so it does take a few attempts over a few days on a larger more involved one…



Copic Competition Entry

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“Ms. Charlie Chaplin”
Done entirely in Copic Markers, Copic Multiliner and Copic Opaque White. This is a medium I really love – Ink has always been a favourite, and I really enjoyed this subject as well.

‘This was for a competition, which I saw promoted on the Eckersleys website.  The idea was to make a work of art, using only Copic, and then post it on Instagram. The idea of winning a complete range of comic pens etc. was incredibly tempting (like over $4,000 worth!) and although I am not very confident of winning (there are MANY wonderful artists around), it was still worth having a go!